New Clinical Trial

Scribes are currently being trialled at a large tertiary emergency department in WA, looking at KPIs such as reduction in screen time for doctors, and deceased length of stay in department.

MedScribe expands

We are proud to have MedScribe scribes working at WISE medical in Sydney, providing the doctors with 16 hrs/day scribe coverage to assist them with all the clerical and documentation tasks.

Course in Medical Scribing

The Course in Medical Scribing is now live. Powered by Health Education Collaborative, there are two levels to the course and to be considered for scribing roles with Medscribe, we require you to successfully complete both levels. It is an interactive self directed...

Medscribe enters Paediatrics

Medscribe is extremely honoured to be working with one of Australia’s leading paediatric ophthalmologists. The workload undertaken by this physician can only be described as incredible and it is our scribes’ sole focus to help alleviate the huge burden of...

Recognition from global certification body

Medscribe is thrilled to have assisted Noosa Hospital in receiving a ‘Met with Merit’ for the standard of documentation in the Noosa Hospital Emergency Department. This recommendation was recently given by ISC, a global certification body, after completion...