Medscribe is extremely honoured to be working with one of Australia’s leading paediatric ophthalmologists. The workload undertaken by this physician can only be described as incredible and it is our scribes’ sole focus to help alleviate the huge burden of documentation which has been plaguing our client for years. Medscribe CEO, Dr Phebe O’Mullane was surprised at the massive backlog of letters waiting for the physician to complete. “There was at least 6 months worth of letters yet to be completed. It goes to a core issue plaguing more and more doctors these days – the number of hours in the day doesn’t change yet we’re expected to see more and more patients with the same resources we had yesterday. The way we practice medicine in Australia has to change. Scribes are not the complete answer but they help in so many ways. In this instance, our scribes will assist in regaining lost hours otherwise spent dictating letters, allow the physician to leave work on time and prevent burnout.”