MEDSCRIBE is proud to deliver the only Medical Scribe Training Course in Australia, where you can learn how to complete medical documentation, as well as the complete scope of practice for a doctors clinical assistant! Once you have successfully completed the course, you can post your details on the Job Page and potentially match with a clinic in your area who is looking to hire a scribe.

Medscribe Course Overview

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Purpose of a scribe

Medical scribes have an emerging and expanding role in healthcare in Australia.
Scribes increase productivity, improve doctor efficiency which decreases length of stay, and those who work with them strongly support their use.
This alleviates the timely burden of documentation for the doctor, freeing them to practice more clinical medicine.

Benefits of the job

It offers unparalleled opportunity!

  • Gain huge experience in history taking and examination and notes synthesis.
  • Have continual access to a specialist and the opportunity to witness bedside consultations.
  • Knowledge gained through detailed training program.
  • Get paid for getting invaluable medical exposure.
  • Obtain a very valuable CV addition.
  • Obtain medical school references that will be highly sought after.
  • The opportunity to see if medicine is really for you, before committing to years of post-graduate training.
  • Be able to learn huge amounts of medicine  – how to write notes, how to order tests, how to obtain medical opinions and document them and you will be exposed to a very wide spectrum of clinical consultations.


  • The only Australian course in medical scribing for the Australian Healthcare setting.
  • An intensive and comprehensive course undertaken by pre-medical or junior year medical students.
  • Perfect for IMGs to get an understanding and appreciation of specifics within the Australian healthcare landscape.
  • Features mock and real patients so you can learn how to document patient-doctor interactions as well as observe the doctor examining patients – a unique exposure to clinical medicine.
  • This course must be successfully completed prior to your clinical shifts and potential employment as a scribe.

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