MEDSCRIBE was founded by Dr Phebe O’Mullane, an Emergency Doctor, to help alleviate the administrative burden being placed on fellow doctors in EDs and other specialties across Australia.
Dr O’Mullane was one of America’s first scribes whilst studying pre-med there in the late 1990s and saw first hand the benefits it provided to all parties.

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Our Scribes

Scribes work in a variety of medical settings including emergency departments, private practice settings such as cardiology/orthopedic/urology clinics and outpatients and ophthalmology clinics. Scribes allow physicians to optimise their time, increasing capacity and patient access to medical professionals without the costs of bringing on another doctor. Scribes allow doctors to reclaim time in their day, and are a sensible and financially disciplined improvement to any medical practice.

A WIN for hospitals

A WIN for doctors

A WIN for patients

A WIN for scribes


To provide our clients with an affordable, efficient solution that removes the burden of physician documentation and allows them to focus on clinical medicine resulting in a more productive work environment and an improved experience for both physicians and patients.


To be the best clinical information management services business in Australia, providing our clients with programs that are financially viable and produce a sustainable, positive return on investment.

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Who Is Medscribe

Dr Phebe O’Mullane
Dr Phebe O’Mullane
Dr Phebe O’Mullane is an Emergency Physician who started her medical career as a scribe in 1998, in Williamsburg, Virginia. After becoming an emergency specialist, she realized there was a need for scribes in the ED and has founded MEDSCRIBE, to assist both ED doctors and other medical specialists improve their efficiencies and improve patient satisfaction.
Michael Baker
Michael Baker
(B. Business) | CFO
Having worked for 18 years in financial services, Michael Baker recognised the effects scribes could have on hospital and doctor productivity and their respective bottom lines. By simply improving documentation standards, a positive and sustainable return on investment can be achieved.

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