Noosa Hospital’s Medscribe program featured in Ramsay Way newsletter

Medscribe’s medical scribe program was featured in the Ramsay Way newsletter published by Ramsay Health. In the article, published in December 2015, Noosa Hospital Chief Executive Officer, Jude Emmer, said the introduction of a scribe program in the Emergency Department would be beneficial for her medical and nursing staff and help to ensure a great system of care that provides the best outcomes for patients.

“The intention behind this new initiative is for patients who come through our Emergency Department to be seen sooner and their consult thoroughly documented as they are being seen by the physician,” Jude said.

In only the first the week of the scribe program the hospital had already received positive feedback from patients.

“One patient said how impressed he was with the use of a medical scribe. The consulting doctor was verbalising what she was doing and this allowed the patient to listen to the detail of the examination. It instilled confidence that the information was being entered into patient notes at the time of the examination ensuring that everything was being attended to in real time.”

The article also featured pre-med student Ryan McCorry, who is an experienced scribe employed by MedScribe and is currently working alongside Dr Phebe O’Mullane and other doctors in the Emergency Department at Noosa Hospital.

“It’s an amazing experience to work alongside the doctors and nursing staff and understand the pressures on emergency departments every day,” Ryan said. “I also appreciate the insight into the patients experience and the important role we all have to play in the process.”

To view the complete edition of Ramsay Way newsletter, please access it online at the Ramsay Health website. The Medscribe article can be found on page 10.

*Features excerpt from the original article.

March 11, 2016
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