Module 10: Genitourinary Module




In this module, focus on the basic anatomy, the function and structure of the system, and the diseases highlighted. The genitourinary system (GUS) and the reproductive systems are closely related so there is some overlap. These topics are covered in 3 chapters in your textbook, so you will need to move between Chapters 14-16 somewhat as you read about these systems and the conditions related.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the function and structure of the GUS and reproductive systems
  • Know the anatomy with respect to common medical complaints relating to these systems
  • Know historical features of urinary, genital and reproductive issues, risk factors and symptoms
  • Describe common disorders of the GUS and reproductive systems
  • Understand common tests, procedures and treatment for conditions relating to these body systems
  • Identify medications commonly prescribed for the treatment of GUS and reproductive disease and disorders
  • Write complete medical charts for patients presenting with gynaecological, urinary and reproductive problems and conditions


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