Module 13: Paediatrics


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Emergency departments see thousands of paediatric patients every year. Thankfully most are not that unwell – they might have a viral illness or a mild broken bone which will heal quickly. Most children are healthy and don’t have underlying medical conditions like adults. And most are fully vaccinated which means they are protected from the childhood illnesses that can be fatal. So most paediatric presenting conditions focus on the current illness or injury, without a complex PMHx or long list of medications like adults!

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the key differences in the paediatric population with regards to presenting conditions
  • Know historical features of common paediatric conditions, risk factors and symptoms
  • Describe common disorders of the paediatric population
  • Understand the difference in the ranges of vital signs in the paediatric population
  • Know the differences in examining a child compared to adults
  • Understand the tests, procedures and treatments for common paediatric conditions
  • Identify medications commonly prescribed to children for the treatment of paediatric illnesses
  • Write complete medical charts for patients presenting with a variety of medical conditions, illnesses and injuries.


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