Sunshine Coast Local Medical Association newsletter features Medscribe

The November edition of the SCLMA newsletter featured an article on Medscribe’s medical scribe program at the Noosa Hospital.

In the article, Dr Phebe O’Mullane – an emergency room doctor at Noosa Hospital and founder of Medscribe – explained that it is all about introducing physicians and hospitals to a smarter way to practice medicine.

“I believe as doctors we should be practicing more medicine and spending less time on clerical duties,” Dr O’Mullane said. “Our patients from within the local community deserve the highest possible quality care available. While my scribe works alongside of me, I feel like I can provide this as I am not distracted trying to perform time consuming administrative tasks.”

Dr O’Mullane speaks with the benefit of first-hand experience, having been a scribe in America in the nineties during her ten year studies to become an Emergency Doctor. She also explained that the doctor still has to sign off on the notes but it saves a great deal of time.

“The introduction of medical scribes in the Emergency Department will allow all doctors to focus on providing better quality care to patients and allow us to see more patients, further reducing wait times.”

For the full article, please view the newsletter as a PDF from the SCLMA newsletter.

*Features excerpt from the original article.

March 11, 2016

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